Yash’s Upcoming Film Toxic has an Amazing Teaser Trailer.

Yash's Upcoming Film Toxic has an Amazing Teaser Trailer.

Yash’s Upcoming Film Toxic has an Amazing Teaser Trailer. – “A fairy tale for grown ups” is the tagline for Yash’s Toxic. In April 2015, it will be released.

Yash has at last revealed the name of his upcoming movie: Toxic. The tagline for it is “A fairy tale for grown ups.” With a striking title teaser, the KGF star revealed the same. It also reveals the movie’s April 10, 2025, release date.


Geethu Mohandas, a celebrated Mollywood actor turned filmmaker, will helm Yash’s upcoming movie. According to sources, the film is positioned as an action-packed picture set against the backdrop of the Goa drug cartel. It’s anticipated that the movie would have a large budget. KVN Productions is the producer. Cinemas will screen the film on April 10, 2025.

“What you seek is seeking you,” said Rumi, according to Yash, who shared the preview on Instagram. An Adult Fairy Tale That’s #TOXIC In the film, partially burned playing cards can be seen dropping into the shadows. A delightful melody is muted while a glimpse of Yash is revealed. He’s pictured clutching a distinctive gun, smoking a cigar, and sporting a cowboy look.

Responses Toxic

Influencer on social media Raghu Gowda wrote, “The only TOXICity we all approve of,” in response to his post. “We’ll be seated for this fairy tale,” said an IMDB user. The comedian Rythm Kumar stated, “Toxic is violence ka dusra naam.”

On YouTube, the title teaser was well appreciated as well. “It’s not a title, it’s pure GOOSEBUMPS,” several others praised. A viewer on YouTube wrote, “Sab Jhund Me ate the, Lakin wo Akela aane wala Monster (all come in a herd but the monster come alone).” “Trust, wait, and believe in Yash,” a fan added. He never betrays the hopes of his supporters. “GM god level…..only toxicity that is approved” was another statement.

KVN Productions produces and Geetu Mohandas, of Moothon fame, directs Toxic. Yash just updated his social media profile photo to read “Loading.” The names of the director, actors, and crew have not been revealed, along with other details about the movie.

Ramayana will include Yash as Ravan.

Additionally, Yash has signed up for Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayan. He will appear in the film as Ravan, with Ranbir Kapoor as Ram. It is said that Sai Pallavi is playing Sita in the movie.

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