Winter vacation in Kashmir schools 2023

Winter vacation in Kashmir schools 2023 “Srinagar, Nov 23: Despite medical experts advising caution in foggy weather, the Director of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) holds a contrary view, stating that the weather is ‘pleasant’ for attending school.

In the midst of intense cold and foggy conditions persisting in Kashmir, doctors have recommended taking precautions. However, the DSEK remarked on Thursday, “The Government is aware of the matter and was sensitive to the situation too. make an announcement very soon.”

He emphasized, “I must highlight that the weather is quite pleasant. Observe the children engaged in cricket – if it were excessively cold, you wouldn’t witness their active participation and enthusiasm during the match.”

“At present, I don’t believe the cold is severe,” affirmed the director.

Winter vacation in Kashmir schools 2023

Winter vacation in Kashmir schools 2023


Highlighting the department’s obligation to ensure mandatory attendance for students, he mentioned, “In one academic session, there are 200 academic days that primary level students have to attend, and Starting from the 6th standard, it is compulsory for students to attend a minimum of 220 academic days..”

The DSEK acknowledged the need to address learning gaps and assured that the government is aware of the situation, intending to make an announcement accordingly.

It is worth noting that KNO reported instances of seasonal influenza observed in many students, with teachers emphasizing the absence of heating arrangements and its impact on the students’ health.

Despite this, some teachers highlighted a decline in attendance, attributing it to parents keeping their wards at home to avoid the cold weather conditions and prevent the risk of catching the flu.”


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