Which District Is known as Apple Town of Kashmir

Which District Is known as Apple Town of Kashmir:Sopore, a town in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district, is famous for its apples. It’s known as the apple town of the Kashmir Valley. Approximately 40% of the apples in the Kashmir Valley are grown and sold in the Sopore Mandi, a large open marketplace. Horticulture, especially apple farming, is a major contributor to Jammu and Kashmir’s economy, and Sopore plays a crucial role in this sector.

Which District Is known as Apple Town of Kashmir

The Sopore Mandi is not only the second-largest fruit mandi in Asia but also the largest for apple trade. It’s connected to more than 450 fruit mandis across India, and it supplies apples directly to these markets. Additionally, countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan receive apples directly from the Sopore Mandi. This mandi was established in 1989 and has grown over the years. It’s a significant economic hub, with around 7 lakh families depending on horticulture. The apple business through the Sopore Mandi amounts to about 3,000 crores annually and continues to grow. The Sopore Mandi even exports American apples to neighboring countries.

sopore known as the apple town of the Kashmir Valley

Sopore hosts some of the largest apple orchards in the Kashmir Valley, and many farmers are transitioning from traditional to high-density apple farming. The government is encouraging farmers to expand their orchards, offering substantial subsidies. Local apple farmers like Waseem Hajini have embraced high-density farming, and they see it as the future. The apple industry in Sopore generates significant revenue, and it’s considered a promising opportunity for unemployed youth. With the new import policy, it’s expected to benefit not only the people of Kashmir but also those in Himachal and Uttarakhand. Sopore, with its 61 villages, comes alive during the apple harvest season, as thousands of buyers from all over India flock to the Sopore Mandi, where around 400 trucks loaded with apples are dispatched daily to different parts of the country.

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