Vivek Bindra assaulted his wife in Noida, according to the complete tale that sparked the uproar on December 23, 2023.

Vivek Bindra

Vivek Bindra: This is the tale of how, after only one month of marriage, the motivational speaker and his wife got into a violent argument.Motivational speaker Vivek Bindra had a complaint filed against him for hitting his wife.The motivational speaker is accused of beating and locking his wife in a room.The pounding caused the wife’s eardrum to rupture.His body has marks from injuries.

In the Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, a case has been filed against motivational speaker Vivek Bindra for allegedly beating his spouse at the Noida police station, Sector-126.This case was filed by the wife’s brother, or brother-in-law.The woman was treated in a private hospital in Delhi for several days following the beating, per the police station case file.

His eardrum is said to have burst.In addition, the accused tugged the wife’s hair.There are obvious injuries on the woman’s body.The Noida Police have begun their inquiry.Considering every angle, the police are looking into the situation.

As per the available details, motivational speaker Vivek Bindra has been charged with abusing his spouse.The motivational speaker is accused of beating and locking his wife in a room.The pounding caused the wife’s eardrum to rupture.His body has marks from injuries.The woman’s family brought her along to get information about the situation.He received medical care in a Delhi hospital.Social media is buzzing the entire episode.

Vaibhav Kwatra, a resident of Chander Nagar, Ghaziabad, has made grave accusations against brother-in-law Vivek Bindra in a complaint that was turned in to the Sector-126 police station.According to Vaibhav’s police complaint, on November 6, sister Yanika was wed to Vivek Bindra, a Supernova West Residency, Sector-94, resident.

A month or so after the marriage, on December 6 and 7, from 2:30 in the morning to 3 in the morning, Vivek and his mother Prabha were fighting.According to the allegations, Vivek confined his wife Yanika in the room when she stood up for him.Yanika was abused by Vivek and was beaten.

The fight caused Yanika to rupture her eardrum.Everywhere on his body are marks from injuries.The woman’s hair pulling also resulted in a cut on her skull.Additionally, Vivek had damaged his wife’s phone.Yanika was treated at the hospital in Delhi’s Karkardooma.

Following the assault, the sister is physically and mentally devastated, according to complainant Vaibhav Kwatra, who reported this to the police.She’s not conversing with anyone.Social media users began to trend the case that was filed against Vivek Bindra.In this instance, some netizens have asked Noida Police to arrest the accused.

Numerous others have shared the post.On December 14, a complaint was filed against the motivational speaker.Vivek Bindra has 2.14 crore YouTube subscribers, which is significant.In contrast, Instagram has 3.9 million followers.Additionally, 3.73 lakh users follow Vivek on X.

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