Srinagar Fire Incident : Six Shops and Two Residential Rooms Damaged


Srinagar Fire Incident : Six Shops and Two Residential Rooms Damaged: According to officials, a fire that started in Zampa Kadal, Srinagar on Thursday morning damaged at least six stores and two residential rooms.

Quoting a KNO official report, it was claimed that a fire incident in Zampa Kadal Srinagar early on Thursday morning resulted in damage to at least six shops and two residential rooms.

According to him, a fire started in one store and swiftly spread to the others.

The representative continued by saying that, out of the six stores, one room was utilised for Kashmiri arts under the brand name “Gulnoor Kashmir Arts,” and the other room was used for dwelling.

In a similar vein, the shopping line’s ceiling and the rooms’ contents—including textiles, household products, and other items—were entirely destroyed by the fire.

Staff from Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES) raced to the scene and put out the fire in the interim.

According to the official, no casualties or loss of life has been reported in the incident, and the cause of the fire is being investigated.

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