Sopore Village List in Kashmir

Sopore Village List in Kashmir ; Sopore is a significant town and tehsil located in the Baramula District of Jammu & Kashmir, India. In India, a tehsil functions as a sub-division within a district, responsible for local administration and revenue collection in its designated area. It plays a vital role in the governance, development, and administration of the local community.

According to the 2011 census, Sopore Block (CD) has the sub-district code 00032. Sopore tehsil covers a total area of 170 km², comprising 151.19 km² of rural land and 18.90 km² of urban area. The tehsil is home to a population of 219,913 people, with 71,292 residing in urban areas and 148,621 in rural regions. The population density in Sopore tehsil stands at 1293 individuals per square kilometer. The tehsil encompasses around 33,709 houses, with 11,192 in urban areas and 22,517 in rural areas.

Regarding literacy, Sopore tehsil reports a literacy rate of 57.66%. Among the literate population, 65.53% are males, and 49.28% are females. There are approximately 60 villages in Sopore tehsil, and you can explore more details about these villages, including information about gram panchayats and nearby towns, in the Sopore tehsil villages list.

Sopore Village List in Kashmir

Here is a Sopore Village List in Kashmir, Baramula, Jammu and Kashmir:

  1. Achha Bal
  2. Adi Pora
  3. Ahanger Pora
  4. Balhama Thakan Pora
  5. Bata Pora Najar
  6. Behram Pora
  7. Bohri Pora
  8. Botingu
  9. Braman
  10. Brana Dab
  11. Brat
  12. Bulagam
  13. Bumai
  14. Chak Haigam
  15. Chatusa
  16. Chera Har
  17. Chhuru
  18. Chij Hama
  19. Chipdeji
  20. Chitlora
  21. Chrali Gund
  22. Dachan Pora
  23. Dalri
  24. Danger Pora

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