Shahrukh Khan’s Light-hearted Comment at Ambani Pre-Wedding Bash Sparks Fan Outrage.

Shahrukh Khan’s Light-hearted Comment at Ambani Pre-Wedding Bash Sparks Fan Outrage. -After Shahrukh Khan told Ram Charan something along these lines, the makeup artist exited Anant Ambani’s gathering.
Ram Charan with Shahrukh Khan: Fans of Ram Charan are upset with Shahrukh Khan. Why? Allow us to explain everything to you.

The pre-wedding celebration of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant continues to garner attention. Although the event itself ended on Sunday, there are still discussions going on. Up till now, news reports have highlighted the splendour of this programme, which took place in Jamnagar, Gujarat. An incident that occurred during this programme is still being spoken about today. In fact, Shahrukh Khan has been accused of misbehaving by Konidela Upasana’s (Ram Charan’s wife) cosmetics artist.

This is the entire issue.

Salman, Shahrukh, and Aamir were dancing on stage to the popular song “Naatu Naatu” from “RRR” during the pre-wedding festivities.Then, Shahrukh Khan invited Ram Charan, who was there for the show, to dance on stage.Shahrukh called Ram Charan “Idli Vada” in jest during this.Ram Charan remained silent, but his followers and his wife’s makeup artist became enraged.

What was said by the makeup artist?

Zeba Hassan, Upasana’s makeup artist, posted on Instagram, saying, “Bhend Idli Vada.” Where is Ram Charan these days?I left after this.Such inconsiderate conduct directed at a celebrity like Ram Charan?

Fans responded

Shahrukh Khan is receiving backlash on Twitter from Ram Charan’s supporters following Zeba Hassan’s claim.A person posted, “A South Indian director gave him the biggest hit film of his career, and by calling Ram Charan Idli, he is acting in a racist manner towards South Indians.””Shahrukh Khan did not do this right,” a commenter commented.’Calling South’s Ram Charan Idli is racist behaviour towards him,’ commented the third user.qouting by live hindustan times

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