Rubina Dilaik’s Double Delight: Actress Reveals She’s Expecting Twins!

Rubina Dilaik's Double Delight
Rubina Dilaik’s Double Delight

Rubina Dilaik’s Double Delight: Actress Reveals She’s Expecting Twins – The joyous news of impending parenthood for popular TV couple Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik took an exciting turn when Rubina revealed they are not just expecting one but twins. The Bigg Boss 14 fame shared her twin pregnancy journey in a recent blog post, expressing the challenges and experiences faced during this remarkable period.

Rubina, who is in her ninth month, disclosed that the revelation of having twins came as a surprise. Abhinav Shukla, witnessing the ultrasound for the first time, found it hard to believe the news. Rubina shared that on their way back from the doctor’s clinic, they were so absorbed in the news that they didn’t speak to each other.

Rubina Dilaik's With husband
Rubina Dilaik’s With husband

As the couple processed the news, Rubina emphasized the importance of the first three months of pregnancy. They kept the delightful secret to themselves during this period, following the doctor’s advice to be cautious. After the crucial three months, a scan brought relief, confirming the well-being of the twins.

Rubina recounted the initial surprise, considering they had taken a break from actively trying to conceive after two years of attempting. The actress highlighted the stress that accompanied the journey and expressed gratitude and joy at the positive outcome.

Fans eagerly await the arrival of the twins, celebrating this double delight with the soon-to-be parents, Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik.

Rubina Dilaik Doctor says ,urging her to be cautious.

In connection to her pregnancy, the actress revealed that the doctor initially alarmed her by emphasizing the critical nature of the first 12 weeks, urging her to be cautious.

This led them to keep the news a secret for three months, primarily due to the heightened risk of miscarriage during this early period. The anxiety stemmed from concerns about the well-being of the fetuses.

The couple opted for medical confirmation to ensure both twins were healthy and breathing before sharing the joyous news with their close circle. Those initial three months proved to be stressful, given the uncertainties associated with early pregnancy.

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