Online Classes in Kashmir Colleges from Dec-01.

Online Classes in Kashmir Colleges from Dec-01.

Online Classes in Kashmir Colleges from Dec-01. The Government’s Response to Harsh Winter Challenges in Kashmir Colleges.As the winter season settles in, the government takes proactive steps to address the challenges faced by students in the Government Degree Colleges of Kashmir. Dr. Ravi Shanker Sharma, Special Secretary to the government, highlights the difficulties encountered by students in commuting to colleges amid the early onset of winter and the inadequate heating arrangements.

Quoting by KNO,To alleviate these challenges, the government announces a shift to online classes for all Government Degree Colleges in the Kashmir Division starting from December 1, 2023, until December 31, 2023, or until winter vacations are officially declared, whichever comes earlier. The decision aims to ensure uninterrupted academic delivery in the face of adverse and extreme cold conditions.

The communique emphasizes the impact of the admission process based on merit and choice, requiring students to travel long distances or seek accommodations, adding to their hardships in the harsh winter. In light of these circumstances, the directive instructs Principals of Government Degree Colleges in Kashmir to conduct online classes, urging faculty members to attend their respective colleges regularly and deliver classes online to complete the syllabus as per the academic calendar.

Additionally, the announcement specifies that all internal examinations and semester-end examinations will proceed according to the schedule notified by universities or institutions. This strategic move reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring the continuity of education while prioritizing the safety and well-being of students during the winter months.


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