Mumbai Driver Strike: Mumbai Fuel Shortage at the Petrol Pump

Mumbai Driver Strike: Mumbai Fuel Shortage at the Petrol Pump

Mumbai Driver Strike : The impact of the truck drivers’ walkout is evident in Mumbai, with 50% of gas pumps without oil.

Mumbai Driver Strike:

The general public is now being impacted by the truck drivers’ strike in Mumbai.The strike has resulted in a scarcity of oil at petrol stations.

Mumbai Fuel Shortage at the Petrol Pump:

The impact of the truck drivers’ strike is apparent in Mumbai.Currently, 50% of Mumbai’s petrol pumps are empty.Following the filling of the stock by residents last night, it has not been replenished tonight.Normally, fuel is delivered to 1500 automobiles every day, but as of right now, not a single oil truck has made it to Mumbai.Despite the oil tanker drivers’ strike, the Petrol Dealers Association reports that the petrol supply businesses are cooperating.As a result, by nightfall, the situation in Mumbai can get worse.In the Sivri neighbourhood of Mumbai, a group of truck drivers employed by the oil firm have congregated.There is a walkout by more than 300 truck drivers.Mumbai Police has expanded the plans this time.

Maharashtra government directive
The Maharashtra administration has asked the police to guarantee a continuous supply of fuel, diesel and LPG cylinders in order to lessen the possibility of a shortage in reaction to the current protests in the state.According to officials, the strike has caused delays in the process of delivering LPG cylinders to the market.Delivery is allegedly being hampered by striking packed lorry drivers who are refusing to report at the factory.

What is the subject of the protest?

The statewide strike by truckers and transport unions began its second day as a massive protest against BNS, disrupting the fuel supply and creating long lines at gas stations around the country.In particular, it targets drivers engaged in serious accidents who flee the scene without reporting the occurrence to the authorities. Tougher penalties have been implemented for hit-and-run cases.The new law imposes severe penalties of up to Rs 7 lakh in addition to a maximum 10-year jail sentence for those accountable for such crimes.

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