Mohammed Siraj birthday – BCCI has released Vedio on his birthday

Mohammed Siraj birthday

Mohammed Siraj birthday – The boy has a lifelong obsession with cricket. However, due to unfavorable family circumstances, he gave up on his dream and went to work as a laborer. He turned become a butler to support the family. However, his desire to play cricket still consumes him. With this, he used to learn cricket lessons while also aiding the family on the one hand. It wasn’t worth the hassle. That youngster is now a top bowler for Team India. He is Muhammad Siraj, a top bowler for Team India and a speedster from Hyderabad. In honor of Siraj’s birthday today, March 13, BCCI has produced a unique film highlighting his life.

In Hyderabad, Muhammad Siraj was born on March 13, 1994. Siraj was raised in a middle-class home and experienced numerous challenges as a young child. In an early attempt to support his family, which was dependent on his father’s work, he became a catering boy. I used to receive 100 to 150 rupees per day at that time. Siraj would give the remaining amount at home and keep fifty rupees. He had to go through a lot of ups and downs to realize his ambition of playing cricket. But he never lost sight of his objective.
Siraj would go to the neighborhood Eidga ground and practice bowling. No coaching or money to be found. HCA grew to dominate the A-Division League throughout time. He has excelled in this league with his quick pace and swing. From then on, there was no turning back. He developed gradually. The owner of Sunrisers Hyderabad paid Rs. Bought for 2.6 crores after witnessing his bowling. That was a spectacular period for this matter. In six games this season, he claimed ten wickets. Team India made the call right away. We do not know where Siraj traveled from there.

Mohammed Siraj birthday

Siraj’s career-defining 6-wicket effort against Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup final will never be forgotten. In accordance with this directive, BCCI produced a unique film about Siraj, who turns 30 on March 13. In the movie, Siraj discusses his family history, the labors he performed as a child, the alleyways where he used to sip chai, the practice area, and more. Siraj became tearful as he described this. Throughout his career, he claimed 74 wickets in 27 Test matches, 68 in 41 ODIs, 12 in 10 T20 matches, and 78 in 79 IPL games. Siraj, a famous cricket player who has overcome adversity, is celebrating his birthday and receiving well wishes from teammates and fans. Watch the special Siraj video that BCCI has released on this occasion.

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