Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake Strikes Meghalaya, Sends Tremors Across West Bengal and Assam

Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake Strikes Meghalaya;Meghalaya, India, experienced a significant earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 on Monday at 6:15 pm, as reported by the National Center for Seismology. The earthquake’s epicenter was identified in the North Garo Hills region of the state.

The impact of the quake extended beyond Meghalaya, with tremors felt in parts of both West Bengal and Assam, highlighting the seismic activity’s reach and intensity.

Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake Strikes Meghalaya,

Earthquake Details:

  • Magnitude: 5.2
  • Location: North Garo Hills, Meghalaya
  • Date and Time: Monday, [Insert Date] at 6:15 pm (local time)

This earthquake serves as a reminder of the seismic vulnerability of certain regions and underscores the importance of preparedness and monitoring. Fortunately, no major damage or casualties have been reported at the time of this writing.

Mild Earthquake Reported in Haryana on Sunday:
On a related note, parts of Haryana experienced a minor earthquake on the preceding day. According to the National Centre for Seismology, a quake with a magnitude of 2.6 occurred at 11:26 pm on Sunday. The earthquake’s epicenter was located 7 km east-southeast of Rohtak in Haryana.

While this event was less severe than the Meghalaya earthquake, it serves as a reminder that seismic activity can occur in various parts of the country. Authorities continue to monitor and assess the situation to ensure the safety and well-being of the affected regions.

It is advisable for residents in earthquake-prone areas to stay informed about safety measures and preparedness strategies to mitigate potential risks associated with seismic events.

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