John Cena Oscar 2024 -What happened with John Cena at the Oscars?

John Cena Oscar 2024 -What happened with John Cena at the Oscars

John Cena Oscar 2024 -Oscar surprise: John Cena presented the Best Costume Design prize at the 96th Academy Awards presentation while sporting a bare appearance.

When John Cena took the stage at the Oscars to award Best Costume Design, he was completely naked. Just before he arrived, host Jimmy Kimmel set everything up and related the story of the 1974 Academy Awards, in which a streaker sprinted across the stage.

At the Oscars, John Cena shows everything.

John Cena then gave a brief glimpse to Jimmy Kimmel to present the Best Costume Design award, stating that he was done with the “stretcher bit.” He went on, “It’s a sophisticated event.” Sincerely, you ought to feel guilty for putting up such a crass suggestion right now. “Men’s bodies are not toys!” The WWE wrestler responded, “Dude, I don’t wrestle naked, I wrestle in jorts!” when Kimmel proposed that he wrestle in the bare. Kimmel responded by saying that wearing jorts is worse than being nude.

Everyone in the audience gasped in horror as John covered his privates with an enormous winner’s envelope and moved to the centre of the stage. “Costumes, they are so important,” he declared. Perhaps the most significant item in existence!

Several attendants came to his aid with an ornate robe as the lights faded to read the names of the nominees. He then declared Holly Waddington, who won the category for Poor Things. She won in the same category as Ellen Mirojnick for Oppenheimer, Janty Yates and Dave Crossman for Napoleon, Jacqueline Durran for Barbie, and Jacqueline West for Killers of the Flower Moon.

Almost nude At the 2024 Academy Awards, John Cena delivers the best costume design Oscar.

It’s likely that on Sunday night, you’ll see John Cena. Even less clothing than he wore in the ring was visible on the actor and former WWE champion when he arrived on the Oscars stage on Sunday night.

As Jimmy Kimmel was getting ready to present the 2024 Academy Award nominees for best costume design, he brought up the notorious streaking episode from 50 years ago on the event, in which actor David Niven was taken aback by a nude man who was sprinting across the stage.
What would happen today if a man ran on the stage in his pants? As Cena peered over the corner of a wall, Kimmel wondered out loud.

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