Flight records for Jeffrey Epstein reappear days before 150 identities connected to him are made public.

Flight records for Jeffrey Epstein reappear days before 150 identities

Flight records for Jeffrey Epstein reappear days before 150 identities connected to him are made public.

Jeffrey Epstein is closely linked to prominent figures such as Prince Andrew and Blill Clinton.

Days before the public disclosure of more than 150 individuals connected to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is scheduled to occur, Jeffrey Epstein’s flight records have reappeared on social media. Although some people have published the material as “breaking news,” it should be noted that this was actually released back in 2021, during Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial.

Journalist Liz Crokin has clarified on X that this is an error and has advised readers to use caution when sharing information.

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“A smaller version of these flight logs, which I was reporting on going back to 2016, were released via Gawker in 2015, which people are also failing to report,” Liz stated in the piece. “These records have been accessible through open source information since 2015, but for clickbait and/or follower acquisition, people now feel the need to discuss them or post them as breaking news.”

“A tonne of records regarding Epstein are about to be released,” Liz continued. Both fresh and old information will be released. Take wary who you follow and what you share. Anticipate a deluge of misinformation and PYSOPs surrounding the Epstein records’ publication.

On social media, these old flight logs showing that former presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton travelled on Epstein’s Lolita Express have made a comeback. Numerous users observed that the names of the two former presidents were coming up on the website. Prince Andrew, former US Senator George Mitchell, and attorney Alan Dershowitz were among the other passengers.

Bill Clinton is going to be known as “John Doe 36.”

Clinton will be listed in court records pertaining to Epstein as “John Doe 36.” The names of abuse victims, litigation witnesses, Epstein’s staff members, and those with only a tenuous connection to the issue are among those whose identities must be made public. The order, dated January 1, 2024, and signed by Judge Loretta A. Preska, is appealable to all of these individuals. Epstein’s complaint mentioned the names.

Throughout the materials, Clinton is mentioned more than fifty times. According to ABC News, his name may be connected to a complaint filed in 2015 by Virginia Giuffre, an Epstein accuser. It’s possible that Giuffre tried to persuade him to testify against Epstein and Maxwell by making several references. It’s also thought that Clinton was brought up in relation to Maxwell and Giuffre in an effort to get Epstein to come clean back in 2016. According to the materials, he is not thought to be involved in any unlawful activities.

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