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Nandamuri Kalyan Ram's Devil Movie

Devil movies Review Rating Telugu Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s Devil Movie -Kalyan Ram is occupied with the success of Bimbisara right now. “Amigos!” he exclaimed. And suddenly he appeared in front of the crowd as the devil once more. Positive hype for the film was generated by the devil setup, background music, songs, teaser, trailer, and posters. Let’s examine the narrative of this devilish film.

Devil: A Film Review and Story

This narrative is set in the year 1945.At the period, the British government made a concerted effort to apprehend Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.The British agencies learned that Bose was visiting India during this period.Somehow, they want to apprehend Bose.Simultaneously, a Rasapadu zamindar’s daughter in the Madras Presidency, Vijaya (Abhirami), was killed.The landlord is accused of killing his daughter, which leads to his incarceration.Devil, a British secret agent played by Kallyan Ram, intervenes to solve the crime.In this instance, the devil is in control of the landlord’s niece, Naishadha (Samyukta Menon).What connection exists between this case and the Bose capture mission?Who is Trivarna, Subhash Chandra Bose’s right hand in this tale?What part does Malavika Nair’s character Manimekhala play?What does the character of Jabardast Mahesh (Shekhar), Shafi (Shafi), and Samudra (Vashishta) mean?It must be seen in a theatre.

All of the devil’s tales, tales, and points made seem old hat.Only the setup seems novel, though.By focusing the story around the idea that Subhash Chandra Bose is fresh, the year 1945 was chosen.In addition, the way the story is written—as if to add a criminal thriller element to it—makes the case worse by revealing details about the murder to the viewer at every turn.

Even if the plot is there and the goal is to keep viewers interested, it is not disclosed on screen.Although these types of pictures are prevalent, they should make the viewer gasp.Yet, this diabolical film is viewed in a very laid-back manner.The film is really slow and boring.It appears that this was a total failure on the part of the filmmaker.However, we now need to find out who will be held accountable for that misstep.

Everyone points at Abhishek Nama as soon as his name as a director comes on the screen.Furthermore, the movie’s climax leaves one feeling let down.We now have a Rodda Kottadu movie instead of our routine if Kalyan Ram is killing the British troops.There appears to be some interest in the opening half.However, it appears that the tension could not be kept up.The tunes resemble speed limiters.

The second half’s pre-climax and climax twists appear reasonable.They sound really unimpressive.And this devil becomes just another ordinary Telugu commercial movie at the climax.There won’t be much of an impact even if you leave without seeing the film Last 20 Minutes.You can see the entire thing if you sweep it.Additionally, it appears to be a totally normal action sequence.Apart from that, I find myself laughing at the song’s background score.Do you think Harshvardhan provided such an RR?

It feels great to hear Harshvardhan’s RR in the first part.Excellent camera work, art direction, and movie setup.The movie has a luxurious vibe about it.Abhishek rose to prominence as a producer.However, from the looks of things, he was not a very successful director.There are some aesthetically attractive words in there, even if you can’t recall the tunes.

There’s nothing noteworthy to comment on regarding Kalyan Ram’s performance.Excellent in both hues.He did a great job acting.Furthermore, Kalyan Ram’s action sequence behaviour is well known to all.Malvika Nair has a nice beauty and personality.Samyukta Menon appears stunning.landed a job with some responsibility.The actors portraying British officers did a good job.All of the actors that played their parts well were Vashishta, Shafi, Mahesh, comedian Satya, Srikanth Iyengar, Abhirami, and Esther.


Malvika Nair, Samyukta Menon, Vanishna, and Kalyan Ram

Director: Abhishek’s nameAction movie genre2 hours, 26 minutes

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