Brooklyn Nine-Nine -Terry Crews and Dirk Blocker Mourn Andre Braugher Leaving Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine –Terry Crews and Dirk Blocker, co-stars of Andre Braugher’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, offer moving tributes: “This hurts.”

Andre Braugher was also honoured by Brooklyn Nine-Nine actors Joel McKinnon Miller, Joe Lo Truglio, and cinematographer Rick Page.

Co-stars of Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andre Braugher are inconsolable over his passing. The Emmy winner’s brief sickness ended in death. Everyone who worked with Terry Crews, Dirk Blocker, Joel McKinnon Miller, Joe Lo Truglio, and cinematographer Rick Page shared their sadness, fond memories, and everything that Andre stood for on social media.
In the show, Andre portrayed Raymond Holt, the first black police captain in the NYPD, who went by Captain Holt. On the show, he was well-known for his austere personality.

The actor who portrayed Terry Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Terry Crews, claimed to have picked up a lot of knowledge from Andre. He sent a heartfelt message on Instagram that read, “Can’t believe you’re gone so soon.” It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to work, laugh, and see your incredible skill with you for eight wonderful years. It pains to do this. You were gone from us too soon. I learned so much from you. I will always be appreciative that I got to know you. I appreciate all of your knowledge, counsel, friendliness, and kindness. My sincere sympathies are with your wife and family at this trying time. You demonstrated to me what an excellent existence looks like. Peace be with you, Andre. Man, I adore you.

After learning of his co-star’s passing, Dirk Blocker, who portrayed Detective Michael Hitchcock on the show, expressed his shock. “Fiercely intelligent, remarkably kind, supportive, generous, and possessed a deep and extraordinary talent, and had even more to offer,” the man wrote on social media. I’m inconsolable. I cherish him. It was certainly a privilege to have worked with him for nine years and to simply be in his presence. My sincere sympathies are with his family.

Joel McKinnon Miller, who played Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Detective Norm Scully, posted a photo of Andre staring off into space. “An actor prepares… Sending love to Andre’s family and friends and all of us who had the honour of working with him,” he added under it.

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