Bengaluru FC, the new coach, vows to return the Blues to their winning ways..

 new coach Gerard Zaragoza

Bengaluru FC, the previous champions, are currently in ninth place with just seven points from ten games. They are hoping that new coach Gerard Zaragoza can work a miracle to bring them back on track.

Bengaluru FC:

Former champions Bengaluru FC, who are currently ranked ninth with just seven points from ten games, are hoping for a miracle from new coach Gerard Zaragoza to help them return to winning ways.

The Spanish strategist, who supported Carlos Cuadrat throughout the team’s 2018 championship run, is acquainted with the organization’s operations and has pledged to restore the team’s reputation for playing aggressive and dominant football.

We must revert to our BFC mannerisms. I want to see other people respecting this squad. The other teams said, “Oh, they’ve arrived,” when we travelled to Mumbai, Kolkata, and other places during my last assignment. Jamshedpur is coming for the three points (tomorrow), and they are aware of the difficult times we are going through. However, starting tomorrow, we will shift the momentum,” the new coach said to local reporters. “You witnessed the events of BFC’s previous season.

 new coach Gerard Zaragoza

How come we can’t do that again?”

“We must alter the players’ perspective. They must have courage and self-confidence. One (good) game can alter it (the thinking). The most crucial thing is to recover the ball when you lose it, even though you can miss shots and goals,” Zaragoza stated. “We need the West Block Blues to sing as much as they can, and we need the support of the fans tomorrow.”

Zaragoza also issued a warning to the underachievers.

They must realise that only the top players are allowed to play because this is a huge club, the coach stated. “We enjoy the offensive style; I’m Catalan. However, we must first organise. Instead of limiting ourselves to a single style of play, we must rule the games.”

In his plea to the dressing room, captain Sunil Chhetri stated, “Our fans continued to sing our names even though we lost 4-0.” It wasn’t a ruse; they always pull it off. They should emphasise that at least the team fought, so we need to bring the battle.

We have four starters for the national team: Sunil Chhetri, Gurpreet Singh, Rohit Kumar, and Roshan Singh. We simply didn’t perform, but the team isn’t horrible.

Chhetri said, accepting blame for the team’s subpar performance: “I ought to have buried the game against Hyderabad when I had the chance. We are not very well as a group. With each error and setback, the confidence level decreases. Football will follow, but as the coach stated, we must restore the mindset.”

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